Giving Shape to Ideas



Product Highlights

  • Output Size:  A3
  • Output Type:  Monochrome

Recommended Uses

  • Print Volume: High
  • Recommended Usage: Large workgroup

Copy Speed(A4/Letter Crosswise)

  • C368 Colour and B&W 36ppm
  • C258 Colour and B&W 25ppm

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Operational Ease and Efficiency

User-friendly multi-touch screen

Operation is simplified by a user-friendly 9-inch multi-touch screen with intuitive user interface. The same touch gestures used on mobile devices can be used on the touch screen to simplify operation. Tap to select, double tap to activate, flick to scroll or pinch to magnify. Up to 23 shortcut keys can be set in the main menu for quick and easy access to frequently used functions.

INFO-Palette design

The bizhub 558 series adopts easy and intuitive INFO-Palette design with smart user interface. You get the same user experience through seamless operation across PCs, tablets or smartphones.

Paper capacity

The standard 1,150-sheet paper capacity can be increased to 3,650 sheets by adding the optional Paper feed cabinet. It can be further increased to 6,650 sheets by adding another optional Large capacity unit. High capacities let users handle higher-volume workloads with less downtime for paper replenishment.

High-speed colour scanning

Colour hardcopies are scanned with precision and speed on standard Dual scan document feeder DF-704. Just place hardcopies in the feeder and press the Scan button to scan one-sided pages at 80 OPM (simplex) and two-sided pages at 160 OPM (duplex)*1.

*1 When feeding A4 paper sideways (at 300 dpi resolution)

Hardcopy digitisation

Scanned hardcopies can be saved as searchable PDFs*3 or editable files in the PowerPoint, Excel or Word format*4. The files are small with excellent image quality and can be saved in the internal HDD or mobile devices.

*3 Optional i-Option LK-102 v3 or LK-110 v2 is required.

*4 Editable Excel/Word formats require optional i-Option LK-110 v2.

Optional finishers

Four*5 optional finishers are available for post-processing tasks, including the newly developed FS-537/FS-537SD multi-function finisher, which handles wide range of tasks such as stapling of up to 100 sheets. Optional finishers FS-537/FS-537SD, FS-536 and FS-536SD includes a 3,000-sheets capacity unit (2,500 sheets on FS-537SD and 2,000 sheets on FS-536SD), booklet functions, folding functions and more. Optional inner finisher FS-533 handles stapling within compact bizhub dimensions.


Finishing image













Sorting (offset sorting)

Sorting (offset sorting)



Max. 100 sheets
(52 – 80g/m2)

Max. 100 sheets
(52 – 80g/m2)

Thin/normal (52 – 90g/m2): 50 sheets
Thick (91 – 120g/m2): 30 sheets
Extra thick (121 – 209g/m2): 15 sheets

Thin/normal (52 – 90g/m2): 50 sheets
Thick (91 – 120g/m2): 30 sheets
Extra thick (121 – 209g/m2): 15 sheets

Max. 50 sheets*5
(52 – 90g/m2)

Saddle stitching (booklet) & folding

Saddle stitching (booklet) & folding

Max. 20 sheets

Max. 20 sheets



Z-folding unit
(52 – 90g/m2)

Z-folding unit
(52 – 90g/m2)



Punch kit PK-523
(up to 300g/m2)

Punch kit PK-523
(up to 300g/m2)

Punch kit PK-520
(up to 300g/m2)

Punch kit PK-520
(up to 300g/m2)

Punch kit PK-519
(up to 157g/m2)

Cover sheet & insert sheet

Cover sheet & insert sheet

Post inserter PI-507 or standard

Post inserter PI-507 or standard


Easy Connectivity

Connect with mobile devices

Enjoy a flexible mobile work style by using bizhub 558 series together with iOS, Android and Windows 10 mobile devices. Users can take advantage of printing and other bizhub features through their favorite industry standard mobile technologies.

Convenient Mobile Touch Area

The bizhub 558 series has a Mobile Touch Area on the operation panel with embedded NFC(Near Field Communication) technology. NFC ensures smooth, quick connections through which you can pair Android mobile devices*1 with bizhub 558 series by simply holding them close to the Mobile Touch Area .This can also be used to log in, print files, scan documents and import scanned data*2. iOS devices can be paired using Bluetooth LE (BLE)*3.

*1Android OS 4.4 or higher and PageScope Mobile must be installed.

*2Initial setup required for logging in. Wireless LAN environment required for printing and

*3Optional Device connection I/F kit EK-609 is required.

Wireless LAN*4

Wi-Fi Direct allows computers and mobile devices in your office to wirelessly connect with bizhub 558 series. This creates a fully independent network that supports BYOD (bring your own device) without additional investment. If your office already uses a wireless corporate LAN, bizhub 558 series can easily connect with it to offer advantages to everyone in the office.

*4Optional Upgrade kit UK-212 or UK-215 is required.

bizhub Remote Access

The bizhub Remote Access app allows operation of bizhub 558 series from Android devices and iPhone/iPad/iPod touch. Users can wirelessly operate bizhub hardware and software keys, enter data, import scanned data, send data from bizhub 558 series using the mobile device’s address book and more.

Connect instantly without print drivers to industry standard mobile technologies.


Print from any compatible Apple iOS device on your company’s wireless LAN using AirPrint, Apple’s standard printing system. It is compatible with iOS 4.2 and Mac OS 10.7 or later.

Mopria Print Service

Wireless printing technology established by Mopria Alliance. It allows user to print from devices installed with Android 4.4 or later

Google Cloud Print

Leading technology connects bizhub 558 series with the web so users can print from anywhere outside the office regardless of OS, device or application.

Note: Google Cloud Print Setup and Google account registration are required.

Konica Minolta Print Service

This application enables printing directly from devices running Android 4.4 or later through your company’s wireless LAN.

PageScope Mobile

Connect mobile devices with bizhub 558 series via Wi-Fi to print documents and images as well as import scanned data — by using PageScope Mobile for Android or iPhone/iPad


Solid Security

Easy authentication

Smooth and efficient authentication*1 by means of password, IC card and biometric (finger vein) options are supported. In addition to regular authentication via server, server-free authentication can also be performed directly on the main unit with detailed control of access to each function, including copying, printing, scanning and faxing. These features complement your company’s existing security measures to protect important data and hardcopy resources, prevent unauthorised bizhub access and strengthen risk management.

IC card authentication

Authentication is possible with various types of IC card. First command bizhub 558 series to print from a PC or mobile device. Then wave the ID card over a card reader on bizhub 558 series to print. Authentication can also be performed with any Android device*1 equipped with an NFC antenna.

*1 Requires Android 4.4 or later that supports HCE (Host Card Emulation) or PageScope Mobile for Android v4.1 or later.

Notes: Optional Authentication Unit AU-201S is required. Compliant non-contact IC cards include FeliCa (IDm), SSFC, FCF, FCF (campus), FeliCa Private and MIFARE (UID).

Biometric finger-vein authentication

Scans the veins on the finger as the biometric data which offers very high-level security and is easy to implement*4.

*4 Optional Biometric Authentication Unit AU-102 and Working Table WT-506 are required.

TPM (Trusted Platform Module)*2

Confidential information such as certificates and passwords can be securely managed in bizhub 558 series. Just activate the TPM function to encrypt the information and save it in a dedicated storage area in the TPM security chip. This prevents unauthorized reading from external devices.

*2 Optional i-Option LK-115 v2 is required.

HDD mirroring*3

This feature ensures that all data saved on the main HDD is always saved on a backup HDD as well. If the main HDD fails, bizhub 558 series automatically switches to the backup HDD to prevent operational downtime and data loss.

*3 Optional HDD Mirroring kit HD-524 is required.

PDF password protection

When saving scanned data as a PDF file, the data can be encrypted to prevent opening of the file unless the user inputs the correct password. The user can also encrypt the PDF with his or her digital certificate, create a PDF/A-based PDF file*4 and add file properties.

*4Optional i-Option LK-102 v3 or LK-110 v2 is required for bizhub 558/458.

Compliance with industry standards*5

This model meets IEEE 2600.1 international protection profile standards, ensuring a high level of document security. All security features have been independently evaluated and certified ISO 15408 EAL3 compliant.

*5 Application is still pending as of October 2016.


Versatile Features

Emperon printing system

Emperon print controller provides network printing functions through standardised printer drivers for PCL and Adobe® PostScript® 3 emulation. Diverse settings allow fine image adjustment such as for glossy mode and edge enhancement. Emperon controller is fully compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix, Citrix, SAP and other operating systems and printing environments.

N-in-One copying

It’s easy to copy multiple pages on a single sheet of paper to reduce paper costs and facilitate viewing of related pages. Users can copy up to 8 pages on a single side of paper when scanning a paper and up to 16 pages when printing from a file.

Banner print*1

Create appealing promotional materials in-house on bizhub 558 series through the Banner Print feature that enables you to print on long paper (up to 1,200mm) from the by pass tray.

*1 Requires Optional Banner paper setting guide MK-713.

USB port

The USB port allows transferring of files to and from bizhub 558 series via flash drive. Once a file is stored in bizhub 558 series, it can be used to output documents or transferred to other devices.

Notes: Compatible with PDF, Compact PDF, JPEG, TIFF, XPS, Compact XPS, OOXML (docx, xlsx, pptx) files. Some USB flash drives may not be compatible. Print output may differ from what appears on the PC screen.

ID copy

This feature makes it easy to print the front and back of an ID card on the top and bottom of a single page in one pass. For easy access, place an ID Copy shortcut button on the top screen.

Scan preview

Scanned documents can be previewed on the touch screen before saving or sending. Just flick to scroll through pages, rotate them when desired and delete unnecessary pages as required and then save or send.

Automatic paper size measurement

Automatic paper size measurement feature can automatically measure the size of non-standard sized paper placed on the glass platen. If desired, It can also register the size in memory. These features make it easy for anyone to handle non-standard paper sizes without making measuring mistakes or input errors.

Server-less pull printing

bizhub 558 series supports server-less pull printing. Users can send data to a main MFP and authenticate themselves at any MFP on the network print group (up to 10 MFPs x 10 groups) to pull the print job.

Note: Optional i-Option LK-114 must be installed on bizhub 558/458.


Minimal Environmental Impact

Low power consumption

bizhub 558 series minimises energy use during normal operation. It easily clears the latest Energy Star Program TEC standards and reduces both CO2 emissions and TCO.

Sleep mode

bizhub 558 series automatically switches to sleep mode after a user-defined period of inactivity. This mode reduces power consumption to a mere 0.5W by cutting off power to the CPU. When users want to use bizhub 558 series again, it switches back to full power in seconds.

Eco-friendly materials

Approximately 64% of the outer surfaces and 30% of the weight of resin parts on bizhub 558/458 consist of recycled materials. This includes PC/PET developed by Konica Minolta using advanced chemical processing technology. 70% of PC/PET on outer surfaces is PCR (post-consumer recycled).

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