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[expand title=”Assuring intellectual assets and preventing leak”]

  • IC cards and biometric authentication
  • Viewing and printing restrictions
  • Prevent unauthorized online access and use
  • Protect unauthorized falsification and document replication
  • Control access to MFPs by ID card
[/expand] [expand title=”Minimise TCO”]

  • Account system to control departmental output costs
  • Reduce colour output costs by thorough management
  • Authentication to limit printout loads by individual/group
  • Maximise internet FAX to reduce communication costs
  • Reduce unnecessary output of FAX documents
[/expand] [expand title=”Information sharing for smoother communications”]

  • Improve business efficiency with information sharing
  • Consolidate scanned and digital documents
  • Manage and share documents by selected criteria
  • Convert data into PDFs from any application
  • Enhance retrieval performance of scanned documents
[/expand] [expand title=”Maximise business efficiencies”]

  • Eliminate print waiting times with smart MFP access
  • Maximise efficiencies through minimum resources
  • Direct printing from Web pages and PDFs
  • Account management for streamlined operations and enhanced productivity
  • Digitisation of FAX documents
[/expand] [expand title=”Way to expand business opportunities”]

  • Print and save images using an iPhone or iPad
  • Print and save files using a mobile device
  • View and print web content via control panel
  • Customised settings for operation panel
[/expand] [expand title=”Saving energy and resources via green products”]

  • Switch from multiple devices to a single, power-saving MFP to reduce energy costs
  • Reduce electricity consumption by power saving devices

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