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Laxmi International School was founded in 29th November 2001 to provide TOTAL QUALITY EDUCATION. It is a premier educational academy for students who have talent, aptitude and a quest for excellence in academic, sports and co-curricular activities.

The administration of the school is vested in a special board for the school constitutes by The Laxmi Educational Society.The students are provided with excellent facilities for games and sports in terms of play fields, modern equipements and intensive coaching. Students are trained to develop their latent talents in all the fields to their maximum. The endeavour is to encourage students in vigorous pursuit of excellence.

LOCATION : The School is located at Kasan Road, Manesar, Gurgaon District in Haryana State.

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Principal's Message
Aspiration, attitude and action if with a spirit for the pursuit of excellence as our goals not only in the field of academics but also for developing our students into holistic persons with character, self-
reliance and integrity, undoubtedly signify the very essence and conception of TOTAL QUALITY EDUCATION, Herein lies the key to success, The success ladder is not as difficult to climb as it might seem to be. When we are at the lowest rung of the ladder, the impediments to the top almost inseparable. But belief, faith and perseverance blended with realistic goals will make things easier. The two words that have changes civilizations are - 'I CAN. The extent and magnitude of a student's success depends on 'this' attitude. So, the Right Way and not the Easy Way is the Right Attitude.

It is highly laudable that Laxmi International School under the Patron of Rao Shri Krishan, Vice-Chairman Shri Mohinder Yadav and its ebullient Chairman Shri Rajbir Yadav took up the initiative to establish an ideal educational institution for raising the tangible and intangible level of excellence in learning.

It is said that 'A dream that lacks motion is never activated. It begins to take form with positive attitude and aiming high to reach the zenith of sucess' I am sure that at LIS, the students are bound to experience the incisive, Intensive and Innovative methods of learning process which in turn will positively translate into winning performance.

Helping you to lead and succeed.

Mr. Pawan Sharma

Chairman's Message
Our operative word is 'Top'. Hence our top priority is academic excellence. But our endeavour is also to provide our students with as many co-curricular and social skills, which are also very much
required for the pinnacle of success in a society. The potential for registering a very good performance is high because Laxmi International School Offers the best of best field to actualize the cherished dreams of this International heads. We take while-hearted efforts to make the children's stay in LIS a very meaningful and pleasant one. I, feel that even when we are helping the children to grow, we ourselves are growing along with them in a lot of meaningful ways.

We stand to do a noble task, everybody's co-operation and a helping hand is all that we ask.

Rajbir Yadav

Patron’s Message
'The journey of a thousand years starts with a step - a step called foresight' Laxmi International School began its journey when my vision is establish a unique institution which would impart
education for human excellence was realised, This School will make each one of us, who believe in it, Dream, Dare, Aspire, Aim, Hope and reach for the stars, we have resolved to impart TOTAL QUALITY EDUCATION to our students and induce in them the grit, courage, enthusiasm and ability to define and set their own goals and to achieve them, My aim is to provide all-round comprehensive and quality education so that this institution will serve the society by producing excellent citizens with Knowledge, Wisdom and Character.

'WE AIM HIGH TO SOAR HIGH' , very emphatically I state that your search for an ideal school ends at Laxmi International School

Rao Shri Krishan

Summer Break -
Nur to II - 18th May to 30th June 2019
III to XII - 28th May to 30th June 2019
Dussehra Break -   07th to 08th Oct. 2019
Diwali Break -   26th to 29th Oct. 2019
Winter Break -
Nur to V - 31st Dec to 14th Jan 2020
VI to XII - 31st Dec to 10th Jan 2020
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Address: Kasan Road, Manesar, Gurgaon-122050(Haryana) Mob-9810884965 - 9717717765,Fax.:0124-2337465, E-mail:,