Our Facilities

Our manufacturing facility is based in the cosmopolitan city of Hyderabad in south India.

Covering a total covered area of 12,000 sqft, our manufacturing plant is located in a sprawling industrial area called Nacharam. The facility boasts of state of the art PLC machines – used in the fabrication of pre fabricated hollow profiles. All our machines are imported and are specifically designed to adapt to the ever changing needs of the HVAC industry.

We are the first company to install PLC machines for hollow profile fabrication in India. Moreover, we are also the first company to install four different machines to manufacture hollow profile connectors i.e. C&S, TDF, Slip On and Angle Iron Frames – thereby providing the customer a one stop shop for all their HVAC requirements.

Our production capacity for complete boxed up hollow profile sections is 500 sq mtr / day and for L-sections or Open Box sections is 1200 sq mtr / day.